Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Acts of the Apostles-People

1. Question: How many people went out from Antioch on the first missionary  journey?

2. Multiple choice: According to Paul's sermon in Acts 13, God gave Israel judges for about 450 years
until the time of what prophet? (a) Isaiah; (b) Ezekiel; or (c) Samuel.

3. Who was the father of Saul, Israel's first king? (a) Reuben; (b) Jochebed; or (c) Kish.

1. Three. Saul (Paul), Barnabas, and John (Acts 13:2-5). Paul and Barnabas had John  as  their assistant.
2. (c) Samuel (Acts 13:20), the last judge in Israel. He was followed by Israel's first king.
3. (c) Kish (Acts13:21).

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