Monday, April 30, 2012


1. Multiple choice: If Judah did not mend her ways and worship God by obeying rather then by ritual, Jeremiah prophesied that God would cast them out of His sight, "As I have cast them  out all your brethren- the whole posterity of ----"(a) "Simeon"; (b) "Reuben" ; or (c) "Ephraim."

2. True or false? When God's punishments came upon Judah, Jeremiah said, the people would choose life over death.

3. Fill in the blanks: Because the men of Anathoth sought to kill Jeremiah for his prophesying, God said He would punish them. "The young men shall die by the --------- ,their sons and their daughters shall die by ------- ; and there shall be no ------ of them."

1. (c) "Ephraim" (Jer. 7: 15 ). Ephraim had been the dominant tribe of the northern kingdom of Israel and the territory of the capital of Samaria. Therefore, Jeremiah characterized the whole nation by using Ephraim's name.

2. False. They would choose death over life (Jer. 8:3 ).

3. "Sword---famine---remnant" (Jer.11:21-23 )..

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