Thursday, April 19, 2012

Prophecy- Prediction

1.  True or false?  Isaiah's vision of Jerusalem contained a tabernacle that would never be taken down.

2. Multiple choice: Where did Isaiah foresee a highway to be called "The Highway of Holiness"?
(a) In heaven; (b) from Assyria to Egypt; or (c) to Zion.

3. What was God's sign to King Hezekiah by Isaiah that his life would be extended fifteen years?
(a) A virgin birth; (b) the Assyrian army was killed; or (c) the sundial shadow retreated ten degrees.

1. True (Is. 33:20 )

2. (c) To Zion (Is. 35:8-10 ).

3. (c) The sundial shadow retreated ten degrees. (Is. 38:5-8 )

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Sue said...

I got 3 for 3 tonight Patsy! Thanks for sharing.
I find it amazing how Biblical facts will come back to your mind! Thanks for sharing.