Thursday, April 26, 2012

Prophecy -- Prediction

1. Multiple choice: Isaiah described the final judgment in terms of wine making. What showed how terrible the judgment will be? (a) The amount of wine made; (b) the quality of the wine; or (c) the stains on the wine maker's clothing.

2. In Isaiah, what did God Promise to create new so that "the former shall not be remembered or come to mine"?
(a) His temple; (b) the throne of David; or (c) heavens and earth.

3. Fill in the blanks: If God's children would return to Him and confess their unfaithfulness, Jeremiah said, "In those days the house of --------- shall walk with  the house of -------- , and they shell come together--- to the land that I have given as an inheritance to your fathers."

1. (c) The stains on the wine maker's clothing (Is. 63:2,3 )

2. (c) Heavens and earth (Is. 65:17 )

3. "Judah--- Israel" (Jer. 3: 18 ) The Lord promised to restore a remnant of the whole nation with Jerusalem as their capital (vv. 14, 17 ).

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