Monday, April 16, 2012


1. Multiple choice: Which two enemies did Isaiah predict would join Israel in serving the Lord of hosts ?  (a) Moab and Ammon; (b) Ishmael and Edom; or (c) Egypt and Assyria.

2. Which prophet walked naked and barefoot for three years as a sign against Egypt and Ethiopia ? (a) Isaiah; (b) Jeremiah; or (c) Ezekiel.

3. Which of the major prophets spent much of his ministry encouraging the kings of Judah that the Assyrians would not capture Jerusalem ? (a) Isaiah; (b) Jeremiah; or (c) Ezekiel.

1. (c) Egypt and Assyria (Is. 19:24, 25 ).

2. (a) Isaiah (Is. 20: 3 ).

3. (a) Isaiah  (Is. 7:8; 10:20 ) Jeremiah ans Ezekiel spent their time assuring  their audiences that Babylon would capture Jerusalem.

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