Wednesday, April 25, 2012


1. Multiple choice: By what did Isaiah say the Suffering Servant would heal sinners? (a) By laying on of hands; (b) by His stripes; or (c) by rising from the dead.

2. When the Lord swore in Isaiah that in the last days He will never be angry with Israel again, to what historical promise did He compare His oath? (a) His covenant with Abraham; (b) His promise to Noah never to flood the world again; or (c) His promise to David of an eternal kingdom.

3. True or false: The Lord said in Isaiah that the fast He chooses is not a fast from food but a fast from oppression.
1. (b) By His stripes (Is. 53:5 ). His punishment was to deal with transgressions and iniquities and to provide peace.

2. (b)  His promise to Noah never to flood the world again (Is. 54:9 ).

3. True (Is. 58:5,6 ). God gains no pleasure from the affliction of one's body, but He is pleased and honored by cessation from wickedness for His Name's sake.

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