Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Prophecy - Prediction

1.True or false : In adjacent paragraphs, Isaiah uses the term Servant to refer to both Israel and the  Messiah, Israel's Savior.

2. Multiple choice: What did Isaiah say would be "beautiful upon the mountains" ? (a) Winter snow; (b) the blossoming produced by the Messiah;or (c) the feet of him who brings good news.

3. What animal is used by Isaiah as the symbol for both waywardness of sinners and meekness of the Savior? (a) Donkey; (b) dove; or (c) sheep.

1. True (Is. 49:3,5 ) Both Israel and Messiah were to portray the same character and witness to the righteousness and justice of the Father, who desires and deserves the worship of all men everywhere.

2.( c) The feet of him who brings good news (Is. 52:7 ).

3. (c) Sheep (Is. 53:6,7 ).

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