Sunday, April 15, 2012


1. Multiple choice: As Isaiah predicted the fall of Babylon, his poetry saw in Babylon's wickedness a person whom he called the "Son of the morning." Who was he? (a) Nebuchadnezzar; (b) Cyrus; or (c) Lucifer.

2. Who did Isaiah quote as saying, "I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God"?  (a) Lucifer; (b) the Branch of Jesse; or (c) the king of Assyria.

3. About which nation did Isaiah say that its idols would totter and its mediums and sorcerers would fall? (a) Moab; (b) Philistia; or (c) Egypt.

1. (c) Lucifer (Is. 14:12 ).

2. (a) Lucifer (Is. 14:12,13 ).

3. (c) Egypt (Is. 19: 1,3 ).

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Sue said...

Hi Patsy, two out of three today! missed the last question. Thank you for sharing this blog as I enjoy it, that is when I am able to get out in blogland I have missed so much blogging lately.