Saturday, April 28, 2012

Prophecy -- Prediction

1. True or false: Jeremiah said that if one just and truthful man could be found, God would pardon Jerusalem.

2. Multiple choice: Jeremiah told Judah that because they had forsaken God and served foreign gods in their land , God would punish them by: (a) Forsaking them ; (b) making them serve strangers in a land that was not theirs; or (c) destroying homes in which He found strange gods.

3. The people of Jerusalem thought their city was safe because the temple was there. However, Jeremiah reminded them of what other city that had been destroyed where the sanctuary had once been? (a) Jericho; (b) Bethlehem; or (c) Shiloh.

1. True (Jer. 5:1 ).

2. (b) Making them serve strangers in a land that was not theirs (Jer. 5:19 ). If  Judah wanted foreign gods, the Lord would put them in a foreign land as well.

3. (c) Shiloh (Jer. 7:12).

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Sue said...

Two out of three today. Thanks for sharing. I am always blessed when I am able to visit.