Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Prophecy- Prediction

1. Multiple choice: What news did Isaiah foresee being brought to a watchman by a chariot of donkeys and a chariot of  camels? (a) the birth of the Messiah; (b) the fall of Babylon; or (c) the restoration of Jerusalem.

2. Fill in the blanks: Isaiah compared the comfort of God 's reign to " the shadow of a --------- rock in a weary -------- ."

3. True or false? Isaiah was distressed by the prospect of his predictions being fulfilled.

1. (b) The fall of Babylon (Is. 21:7-9 ).

2. "Great----land" (Is. 32:2 ) When the Lord reigns , Isaiah said, all will be well with the righteous from the least to the greatest, and the foolish and wicked will be seen for exactly what they are (vv 1--8 )

3. True (Is. 21:3, 4; 22:4 ).

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