Friday, December 2, 2011

Wisdom and Instruction

1. Multiple choice: To what did Job compare his comforters who tormented him rather then showing kindness?
(a) A stream that vanishes when it gets really hot; (b) vultures on a carcass; or (c) ocean waves beating against a cliff.

2. True or false ? When Job began to argue with his friends, he admitted that a man could not contend with God, but as the argument wore on, Job relished the idea of vindicating himself before God.

3. Multiple choice: Job used a proverb in which he compared the mouth tasting food to what act of wisdom ?
(a) The eye spotting a fool; (b) the ear testing words; or (c) the mind analyzing philosophers.

1. (a) A stream that vanishes when it gets really hot (Job 6: 15-17.
The metaphor points out the unfulfilled promise of comfort rather then the destructiveness of their remarks.

2. True (Job 9:32-35; 31 : 35-40 )
Job's conviction of his innocence led him to lose some humility before God.

3. (b) The ear testing words (Job 12: 11 )
His point was that true wisdom utilizes the most basic nature of an organ, not a derived quality.

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