Sunday, December 11, 2011

Wisdom and Instruction

1. Multiple choice: Psalm 19 states that the law of the Lord is perfect. How is the testimony of the Lord described in the next phrase? (a) It is good; (b) it is right or (c) it is sure

2. If, according to Psalm 19:7 the law is perfect and the testimony of the Lord is sure, what are the statutes of the Lord according to verse 8 ?
(a) Right ; (b) pure or (c) clear.

3.According to Psalm 19, what quality of the commandment of the Lord enables it to enlighten the eyes of those who spiritually see and obey?
(a) It's holiness; (b) its purity; or (c) its firmness.

1. (c) It is sure (Ps. 19:7 ).
It is sure in the sense that it can be trusted to do what it says it will do.
God's testimony is that which He has said about Himself and His work.

2. (a) Right (Ps. 19:8 )
All three terms --law, testimony, and statutes--are ways of referring to the Word of God. Each term emphasizes a slightly different aspect of the Word.

3. (b) Its purity (Ps. 19:8 )

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