Friday, December 30, 2011

Wisdom and Instruction

1.  Multiple choice: Psalm 115 : 3 tells us that God is in heaven and does:
(a) What is right; (b) what is  good; or (c) whatever He pleases.

(c) Whatever He pleases (Psalm 115 : 3 )

2. Fill in the blanks: According to Psalm 115, we should trust in God rather than
-------- , because God does whatever He pleases but an --------- can't do  anything.

Idols-----idol   (Psalm 115: 3-8 ).
If one reads the entire psalm, one finds that God "pleases" to be a help and shield for His people.

3. Multiple choice: According to Psalm 118, who rejected "the chief cornerstone"?
(a) The quarrymen; (b) the builders; or (c) the architects.

(b) The builders (Psalm 118 : 22 ).
Jesus is the  "chief cornerstone", and the "builders" were the Jewish people and leaders who rejected Christ (1 Pet. 2 : 1-8 ).

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