Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Wisdom and Instruction

1. Multiple choice: According to Psalm 15, only certain people may abide in the Lord's tabernacle. What do these people speak in their heart?
(a) Wisdom; (b) truth; or (c) religion.

2. According to Psalm 16, what are at the right hand of the Lord forevermore?
(a) Blessings; (b) joys; or (c) pleasures

3. According to Psalm 19, the law of the Lord has an effect on the receptive soul. What effect does it have?
(a) Converting effect; (b) convicting effect;or (c) sobering effect.
1. (b) Truth (Ps 15:1,2 ).
To abide in the Lord's tabernacle means to live in His presence. A person must be honest on the inside to live in that kind of fellowship with God.

2. (c) Pleasures (Ps. 16 :11 )

3. (a) Converting effect (Ps. 19: 7 )

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