Monday, December 5, 2011

Wisdom and Instruction

1. Multiple choice: In Psalm 1, the righteous and ungodly are contrasted. The righteous are likened to a flourishing tree. To what are the ungodly compared ?
(a) Dirt; (b) the chaff of grain; or (c) a dying tree.

2. According to Psalm 2, how will wise earthly leaders serve the Lord?
(a)With fear; (b) with joy; or (c) with love.

3. According to Psalm 14, what kind of person says in his heart that there is no God? (a) The wicked ; (b) the fool; or (c) the proud.
1. (b) The chaff of grain (Ps. 1:4 )

2. (a) With fear (Ps. 2 : 11 )
To fear the Lord means to have total respect and reverence for Him. The wise leader will always have a sense of God's total authority over life. He will not be proud.

3. (b) The fool (Ps. 14 : 1 )

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