Sunday, December 18, 2011

Wisdom and Instruction


1. Multiple choice:   Often in Hebrew poetry the writer requests that the Lord lead him in a certain kind of path. What adjective is used in Psalm 27 to describe that path?  (a) Straight; (b) smooth; or (c) short.

(b)Smooth  (Psalm 27:11). When a person walked upon a smooth path it meant that someone else had leveled it and removed the stones and other hindrances. The psalmist is asking God to do that for his walk in life.

2. A theme running throughout the Old Testament wisdom literature is that of the Lord preserving what kind of person? (a) Famous; (b) kind; or (c) faithful.

(c) Faithful (Psalm 31:23 ) God does not ask that we be successful in men's eyes. He only asks that we be faithful (cf. Matt. 25:14-30 ).

3. How does Psalm 33 describe the nation whose God is the Lord?  (a) Good (b) blessed; or (c) lasting.

(b) Blessed (Psalm 33:12).

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