Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Wisdom and Instruction

1. Multiple choice: In the face of the over whelming losses Job had sustained, what was his first despondent wish to his friends? (a)That he had never been born; (b) that Satan would stop attacking him; or (c) that he could kill himself.

2. True or false? Job's first friend, Eliphaz, began to comfort him by telling Job that he should remember the advice he had given others in their past troubles and follow his own advice.

3. Multiple choice: What did Job tell his "comforters" that the afflicted wish from their friends? (a) Sympathy; (b) kindness; or (c) money.
1. (a) That he had never been born (Job 3:3 -26 )

2. True (Job 4: 1-6 )
The basic stance of Job's comforters was that Job was suffering for his sins and should repent.

3. (b) Kindness (Job 6:14 )

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