Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Poetry-- Memory

1.Fill in the blanks: The Shulamite begged Solomon , "Set me as a seal upon your ------- , As a seal upon your -------."

2. In the Song of Solomon, the bride reflects , "Many waters can not quench
------- , Nor can the floods --------it."

3. Sentence completion: In the Song of Solomon, the bride spoke of the value of genuine love, "If a man would give for love All the wealth of his house,--"

4. Fill in the blanks: The Song of Solomon concludes with this appeal from the Shulamite, "Make haste, my --------, And be like a gazelle--- On the
-------- of spices."
1. Heart---arm (Song 8: 6 )
Whether in searching for love from God or a human lover, it is natural to look for guarantees of love. At least God's promises are always dependable.

2. Love--- drown (Song 8: 7 )

3. "It would be utterly despised" (Song 8:7 )

4. Beloved---mountains (Song 8: 14 )

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