Monday, November 18, 2013

Acts of the Apostles

1. Multiple choice: Several women waited with  the apostles in the Upper Room for the promise of the Holy Spirit. However, only one of them is named. Who is she? (a) Mary the mother of Jesus; (b) Mary Magdalene; or (c) Mary the sister of Martha.

3. True or false? The brothers of Jesus were present with the apostles when they waited for the promise of the Spirit in Jerusalem.

3. Question: Paul was tried before three different Roman officials before being sent to Rome to appear before Caesar. Name one of these three Roman rulers.

4. Multiple choice: Of the three Roman rulers who tried Paul before sending him to Rome which one was an expert in Jewish customs? (a) Felix ; (b) Festus; or (c) Agrippa.

1. (a) Mary the mother of Jesus (Acts 1:13, 14).
2. True (Acts 1:14).
3. Felix, Festus, and Agrippa (Acts 22-26).
4. (c) Agrippa (Acts 26:2,3).

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