Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Acts of the Apostles

1. Multiple choice: Who was the Roman commander in Jerusalem who sent Paul to Felix? (a) Claudius Archelaus; (b) Claudius Lysias; or (c) Claudius Antipas.

2. When Ananias the high priest pursued Paul to where he was being held by Felix, he took along an orator. What was his name? (a) Justus; (b) Titus; or (c) Tertullus.

3. Who was the wife of  Felix? (a) Priscilla; (b) Martha; or (c) Drusilla.

1. (b) Claudius Lysias (Acts 23:26). This ruler had acquired his Roman citizenship by purchase (22:28). His name Lysias indicates that he was of Greek birth.
2. (c) Tertullus (Acts 24:1).
3. (c) Drusilla (Acts 24:24). Drusilla was the youngest daughter of Herod Agrippa 1. She  was only eighteen or nineteen years old when she met Paul.

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