Wednesday, February 26, 2014


1. Multiple choice: After Paul and his companions had passed by Crete on the way to Rome, they spent much time in a place with a pleasant name. What was it? (a) Lovely  Landing; (b) Fair Havens; or (c) Fair Heavens.

2. On his journey to Rome, Paul spent some time in a place called Fair Havens. Fair Havens was near what city? (a) Lycaonia; (b) Lycia; (c) Lasea

3. The ship on which Paul was traveling broke up in the midst of a storm. All the passengers survived and swam to the shore of what island? (a) Crete; (b) Cyprus; or (c) Malta.

1. (b) Fair Havens (Acts 27:7-9).
2. (c) Lasea (Acts 27:8). Fair Havens has been identified as a bay area and Lasea as a town some five miles away.
3. (c) Malta (Acts 28:1).

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