Sunday, February 16, 2014


1. Multiple choice: In what city were there seven Jewish exorcists who, attempting to cast out a demon, were beaten up by the man who had the evil spirit? (a) Corinth; (b) Philippi; or (c) Ephesus.

2. While Paul was at Ephesus he sent two of his coworkers, Timothy and Erastus, into another area where they had already planted churches. What was that region? (a) Bithynia; (b) Galatia; or (c) Macedonia.

3. Gaius and Aristarchus ministered with Paul while he was in Ephesus. However, they were originally from another region of which Berea was one of the cities. What was that region? (a) Achaia; (b) Bithynia; or (c) Macedonia.

1. (c) Ephesus (Acts 19:13-16).
2. (c) Macedonia (Acts 19:22). It lay across the Aegean Sea to the west of Asia Minor, where Ephesus was located.
3. (c) Macedonia (Acts 19:29).

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