Tuesday, February 11, 2014


1. Multiple choice: In What city was Paul provoked in his spirit because of all the idols he saw?
(a) Corinth; (b) Ephesus; or (c) Athens.

2. Question: In what city did Paul find an altar with the inscription "TO THE UNKNOWN GOD"?

3. Multiple choice: Where did Paul encounter some Epicurean and Stoic philosophers? (a) Ephesus; (b) Corinth; or (c) Athens.

1. (Athens (Acts 17:16). Of the three great university cities (Tarsus and Alexandria were the other two). Athens was the most famous.
2. Athens (Acts 17:22,23). Athens was famous for its temples, statues, and monuments. There was a pantheon unparalleled in the ancient world. The "unknown god" was honored in case some god had been left out.
3. (c) Athens (Acts 17:16-18).


Blackberry Lane said...

Hi Patsy,
Thanks for these questions.
Snow here today and ice expected tomorrow. You two have a good night.

Sparky said...

Aha! I knew these. It pays to read Acts again. Thanks for the good lesson Patsy. ~:)