Monday, February 10, 2014


1. Question: Paul and Silas preached in three cities of Macedonia. What was one of them?

2. Multiple choice: Where did Paul and Silas find the Jews more "fair-minded" than those in Thessalonica? (a) Athens; (b) Berea; or (c) Jerusalem.

3. At what city did Paul leave Timothy and Silas to go on to Athens? (a) Corinth; (b) Philippi; or (c) Berea.

1. Philippi, Thessalonica, or Berea (Acts 16:11--17:11).
2. (b) Berea (Acts 17:10,11).
3. (c) Berea (Acts 17:10--14).

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Blackberry Lane said...

Good questions.
Hope you both had a nice day.
We are ready for whatever weather comes our way. Hope we won't get the ice they are predicting.
You two be careful.