Tuesday, February 25, 2014


1. Multiple choice: Early in Paul's voyage to Rome, they sailed near an island to avoid contrary winds. What  was that island? (a) Malta; (b) Crete; or (c) Cyprus.

2. After Paul had changed ships in Myra on his voyage to Rome, they were again forced to sail under the shelter of an island. What was that island? (a) Crete; (b) Cyprus; or (c) Malta.

3. At one point in Paul's journey to Rome they tried to reach a harbor city of Crete. This city had the same name as an American city. What was it? (a) Dallas; (b) Helena; or (c) Phoenix.

1. (c) Cyprus (Acts 27:4). Cyprus is about sixty miles off the coast of Syria. It is 140 miles long and sixty miles wide at its widest point.
2. (a) Crete (Acts 27:5-7).
3. (c) Phoenix (Acts 27:12).


Blackberry Lane said...

Patsy, You all are in my prayers this evening. I love you.

Patsy said...

Thank you Mildred, we are so distraught over our nephews death.