Monday, February 17, 2014


1. After Paul left Ephesus on his third missionary journey he visited one area twice, strengthening churches there. What was that region?. (a)  Greece; (b) Macedonia; or (c) Asia.

2. The group of people traveling with Paul toward the end of this third missionary journey went ahead of the apostle from Greece and waited  for him in what seaport city?  (a) Corinth; (b) Troas; or (c) Seleucia.

3. Eutychus fell out of a third story window during one of Paul's messages. In what city did this happen? (a) Corinth; (b) Philippi; or (c) Troas.

1. (b) Macedonia (Acts 20:1-3).
2. (b) Troas (Acts 20:1-5). Troas  was also the city where Paul received "the Macedonian call".
3. (c) Troas  (Acts 20:6-9).

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