Saturday, February 22, 2014


1. Multiple choice: In what city was Felix in residence when Paul was sent to him? (a) Jerusalem; (b) Samaria; or (c) Caesarea

2. To what city did Roman foot soldiers accompany Paul on his journey from Jerusalem to Felix in Caesarea? (a) Bethany; (b) Antipas; or (c) Antipatris.

3. Ananias, the high priest, came from Jerusalem to the city where Paul was being held by the Romans in Herod's Praetorium. To what city did Ananias go? (a) Jericho; (b) Caesarea; or (c) Gaza.

1. (c) Caesarea (Acts 23:23,24).
2. (c) Antipatris (Acts 23:31,32). Antipatris was about twenty-six miles south of Caesarea. It was rebuilt by Herod the Great in memory of his father, Antipater.
3. Caesarea (Acts 23:33-24:1).

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2 out of 3 tonight.

It was a very pleasant day. We stayed around the house but it looked like spring outdoors.

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