Sunday, March 24, 2013


1. Multiple choice: While asserting that God was His Father , Jesus told the Jews  that the Father would show the Son greater works then He had already done. Why? (a) That the Jews might marvel; (b) that the disciples might be more attentive; or (c) that the Samaritans might believe.

2. Fill in the blank: After He fed  the five thousand, Jesus went to a mountain alone, because He realized  some of the multitude were going to take Him by force to make Him their --------.

3. True or false? Some at the Feast of  Tabernacles believed Jesus was the Christ; others questioned it because Jesus was a Galilean and the Messiah should come from Bethlehem.

1. (a) That the Jews might marvel (John 5:20).
2. King (John 6:15).
3. True (John 7:41-43). Those who believed Jesus was the Messial based  their conclusion on His signs. (v.31).

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