Tuesday, March 12, 2013


1. Fill in the blanks: A woman called out to Jesus  from the crowd and said, "Blessed is the womb that -------- You, and the breasts which --------- You."

2. Multiple choice: When a certain Pharisee invited Jesus to dinner, what in Jesus' behavior caused him to marvel? (a) His good manners;  (b) His conversation; or (c) His eating with unwashed hands.

3. What had the Pharisees passed by while carefully tithing mint, rue, and various herbs? (a) Tithing their money; (b) justice and the love of God; or (c) praying and teaching the law.

1. "Bore...nursed" (Luke 11:27).
2. (c) His eating with unwashed hands (Luke 11:38).
3. (b) Justice and the love of God (Luke 11:42).

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