Tuesday, March 19, 2013


1. Multiple choice: The nobleman knew that Jesus had healed his son because his fever was gone at the seventh hour, the same time that: (a) Jesus said, "Your son lives"; (b) the nobleman arrived home; or (c) the nobleman touched Jesus' garment.

2. Jesus' second sign in Cana of Galilee was :(a) Turning the water to wine; (b) telling the Samaritan woman about her past; or (c) healing the nobleman's son.

3. The infirm at the Bethesda pool were waiting for: (a) Jesus to show up; (b) the priests to come and pronounce them clean; or (c) the moving of the water.

1. (a) Jesus said, :Your son lives" (John 4:53).
2. (c) Healing the nobleman's son (John 4:54). Jesus did this miracle while He was in Cana and the ill son was in Capernaum (v. 46).
3. (c) The moving of the water (John 5:4).

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