Sunday, March 17, 2013


Multiple choice: When did the disciples remember what Jesus had said  about raising the temple, believing the Scripture and what He had said? (a) Right away; (b) when Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead; or (c) when Jesus had risen from the dead.

2. Which one of these Old Testament events for told Jesus' crucifixion on the cross? (a) Moses' ascending the mountain to receive The Commandments; (b) Moses' lifting up the serpent in the wilderness; or (c) the parting of the Red Sea.

3. Jesus told the man He had healed at the Bethesda pool to sin no more; (a) To show that he believed in Jesus; (b) so that others would believe in Jesus; or (c) lest a worse thing come upon him.

1. (c) When Jesus had risen from the dead (John 2:22).
2. (b) Moses' lifting up the serpent in the wilderness (John 3:14). In the wilderness, when the Israelites were dying from poisonous snake bites, God provided deliverance by means of a brass serpent lifted high on a pole where all who looked on it were safe (Num. 21:6-9).  In Christ, God provides deliverance from sin for all who look in faith upon His sacrifice on the cross.
3. (c) Lest a worse thing come upon him (John 5:14).

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