Sunday, September 29, 2013


1. Multiple choice: In John 21, which disciple did Jesus instruct twice to follow Him? (a) The disciple whom Jesus loved; (b) Thomas; or (c) Peter.

2. Fill in the blacks: The third time Jesus asked Peter if he loved Him, He told Peter to ------- ------

3. True of false? Because Jesus said of the disciple whom He loved, "If  I will that he remain till I come," it was rumored that this disciple would not die.

1. (c) Peter (John 21:17-22).
2. (b) Feed His sheep (John 21:17
3. True  (John 21:23). In the next verse, John identified  himself as the disciple whom Jesus  loved. He wrote, "This is the disciple who testifies of these things" (v.24).

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