Monday, September 30, 2013

Acts Of The Apostles

1. Multiple choice: To Whom did Luke  address the Acts of the Apostles? (a) Hermas; (b) Theophilus; or (c) Alexander.
2. Question: Jesus contrasted the baptism of the Holy Spirit with water baptism at  the hands of what great prophet  born just before Jesus?
3. Multiple choice: How many men dressed in white apparel (obviously angels) were present and visible at Jesus' ascension into heaven? (a) Three; (b) two; or (c) seven.
1. (b) Theophilus (Acts 1:1). Luke also addressed his Gospel to Theophilus. The name is combination of two Greek words meaning  "Lover of God"
2. John the Baptist (Acts 1:5).
3. (b) Two (Acts 1:10).

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Thanks for tonight's questions and verses, Patsy. Rest well tonight.