Saturday, December 8, 2012

Gosples-- People and Places

1. Multiple choice: Who did Jesus say would sit on His right and left hands in His kingdom?
(a) James and John; (b) His mother and brothers; or (c) those for whom the Father prepares those places.

2. Who were the sons of Zebedee? (a) Simon and Andrew; (b) James and John;or (c) Luke and Theophilus.

3. Which Jewish sect did not believe in the resurrection from the dead? (a) The Herodians; (b) the Pharisees; or (c) The Sadducees.

1. (c) Those for whom the Father prepares those places (Matt. 20:23).
2. (b) James and John  (Matt.4:21). Before becoming disciples of Jesus, James and John worked with their father in a family fishing business.
3. (c) The Sadducees (Matt.22:23).

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Maple Lane said...

Good Sunday Afternoon, Patsy. Are you having any snow flurries today? So many bloggers are. It is still in the 70's here. Thinking of you today...I miss your Sunday prayer post.