Monday, December 31, 2012

Gospels--People and Places

1. Multiple choice: Who was imprisoned  for robbery, insurrection, and murder? (a) John the Baptist; (b) Malchus; or (c) Barabbas.

2. Who was "in the beginning with God"? (a) Satan; (b) Gabriel; or (c) the Word.

3. John said he baptized with: (a) Love; (b) water; or (c) spirit.

1. (c) Barabbas (Luke 23:19; John 18:40).
2. (c) The Word (John 1:1).
3. (b) Water (John 1:26).  John said this in order to contrast his baptism with the ministry of the greater One who was about to emerge (v. 27).


Maple Lane said...

Hi Patsy, I wish you both much happiness in the new year.

Sue said...

Thanks for always sharing the Word. Happy New year.