Thursday, December 20, 2012

Gospels--People and Places

1.  Multiple choice: Two of the disciples were from Bethsaida but had a house in Capernaum Who were they. (a) James and John; (b) Thaddaeus and Bartholomew or (c) Simon and Andrew.

2. Question: How many friends lowered a paralytic through a roof to be healed by Jesus?

3. Multiple choice: Whom did Jesus identify as the Old Testament character who ate the showbread from the tabernacle "when he was in need and hungry"? (a) Moses; (b) David; or (c) Job.

1. (c) Simon and Andrew (Mark 1:2, 29; John 1:44).
2. Four (Mark 2:3).
3. (b) David (Mark 2:25). Jesus used this incident as an example of the way which God's institutions are to serve mankind rather then bind them into harmfully rigid forms (v. 27).

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I got 2 correct today.

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