Sunday, January 16, 2011

People: Multiple Choice:
Esther succeeded what woman as queen of Persia?
(a) Deborah; (b) Vashti; or (c) Candace.
(b) Vashti ( Esth. 2 : 17 ).
Multiple Choice:

What was the name of the man who raised Esther?
(a) Moriah; (b) Melatiah; or (c) Mordecai.

(c) Mordecai (Eath. 2:7).
Esther was Mordecai's uncle's daughter. He raised her
because neither parent was alive.

Multiple Choice:
Who was the king who made Esther his queen?
(a) Darius; (b) Artaxerxes; or (c) Ahasuerus.(c) Ahasuerua (Esth. 2: 16, 17 ).
When Esther became queen, Ahasuerus was unaware that she was Jewish.
That fact plays a prominent part in this story (v. 20 ).

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Donnie said...

Two out of 3 but I loved the Book of Esther. Have a great day.