Sunday, January 30, 2011

History ---Events:
1. Multiple Choice: When Joseph's brothers arrived home with their sacks of grain,
what did each find in his sack-- besides grain?
(a) Rats; (b) his money; or (c) household gods.
2. Fill in the blanks: Joseph forgave his brothers by saying,
"But as for you, you meant --------- against me; but God meant it for ------
to save many people alive"
1. (b) His money (Gen. 42: 35 ).

This made Jacob and his sons afraid because they did not know how to explain this in the event that they needed more Egyptian grain.

2. " Evil--- good" ( Gen. 50 :20 ).

Joseph said God sent him to Egypt to preserve his family and their descendants.
(Gen. 45: 7 ).

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Donnie said...

That was a great one especially about forgiveness. Have a great Sunday.