Sunday, January 23, 2011

History --- Events : Fill in the blanks:
1. Because Sarai lived in Pharaoh's house claiming to be Abram's sister,
God sent great --------
on Pharaoh's house.
2. True or False?

Abram refused to take any goods from the king of Sodom so that he could not take credit for making Abram rich. 1. Plagues (Gen. 12: 17 ).
These were to warn Pharaoh not to take Sarai as his wife.

2. True (Gen. 14 : 23 ).


Donnie said...

These were good ones Patsy and, surprisingly, I got both right. Hope you have a blessed Sunday.

Sue said...

!00% today, thank you for taking the time to post these questions I get my memory refreshed, and thus my spirit is refreshed.