Friday, January 21, 2011

History--- Events: Fill in the blanks :
Noah was to take into the ark------- of every clean animal, ------- of every bird, and ------- of each unclean animal.
True or False?:
Noah sent out a raven and a dove from the ark at the end of the forty days; the dove returned twice, but the raven never returned.True or False?
The flood waters prevailed on earth for 175 days.

1. Seven---seven---two (Gen.7:2, 3 ).
it seems that the animals needed for sacrifice were taken in larger quantities to assure their survival (cf. 8:20 ).

2. True (Gen. 8: 7-12 ).
Noah was testing to see if the waters had receded enough to leave the ark.

3. False
One hundred fifty days (Gen. 7:24 ).

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Donnie said...

That was really interesting. Got most of it but not all. I forgot about the sacrificial animals. Have a great day.