Thursday, December 16, 2010

People: Question :
Whose armor did David attempt to wear at first when he was going out to fight Goliath ?
Saul's ( 1 Sam. 17 : 38, 39 ).
Saul was unaware at this time that David had been anointed king in his place (16 : 13 ).

Multiple Choice :

Who brought David before Saul with Goliath's head in his hand ?

(a) Jonathan ; (b) Abner ; or (c) Joab.
(b) Abner ( 1Sam.17: 57 ),
the captain of Saul's army.


Anonymous said...

Good Morning Patsy, We are surrounded by ice today. Thankfully, we have plenty to eat and do not have appointments this week. From the safety of our home, the trees are pretty with the ice clinging to them.

I did well on today's questions.

Enjoy your day.

Tracy said...

I stopped by via Mildred's suggestion...gosh shall I tell you I suffer from test anxiety?

While I am a deeply spiritual person, the Bible is not soemthing I know a great deal about. Yes, I grew up in the Lutheran church and spent years in formal service so I am afraid I have failed the test...perhaps through you I'll get better?
thanks for sharing!

Paula said...

Wonderful blog, Patsy!! Came by the way of Mildred's blog- I'll be back for another visit soon!

Donnie said...

Hi Patsy. I got 1 wrong and 1 right so it looks like I need to keep reading the Word. I don't seem to retain information like I used to. Hope you have a great day.