Monday, December 27, 2010

People and Places: Multiple Choice :
In what city was David anoint king by the men of Judah?
(a) Bethel; (b) Bethlehem; or (c) Hebron.
(c) Hebron (2 Sam. 2: 1-4 )
Photo of ancient city of Hebron
Initially, David was recognized as king over Judah only, not all of Israel.
Multiple Choice:
After the death of Saul, David was made king in Judah. But Abner, the captain of Saul's army , made what man king over the rest of Israel?
(a)Ishbosheth; (b) Mephibosheth ; or (c) Hadadezer.

(a) Ishbosheth (2 Sam. 2: 8,9 ),
One of Saul's sons.


Tracy said...

the more I read, the more I'm convinced I didn't pay any attention in Sunday school growing up...oh dear!

Mildred said...

One out of two today. It is bitterly cold here today and windy but the sun is out. Hopefully the remaining ice will melt on the drive. Have a good day Patsy.

Donnie said...

I evidently have a retention problem I need to look good questions today Patsy. Hope you all stay safe and warm.

Patsy said...

Tracy I had to learn most of these things as an adult in a pastor teacher Bible study. I didn't listen in Sunday School.

misslynda said...

Donnie is funny - - I like retention problem better than memory problem but I guess the problem is we did not commit this stuff to memory but rather we just read the stories. That's okay because we are learning more each day with these questions!

Mariel said...

oh i love that first picture...thanks for the thoughts to look up and ponder :)
I hope your new year is full of Jesus!!