Thursday, December 30, 2010

People and Places: Multiple Choice:
David called the son born to Bathsheba and him Solomon. But the Lord, through Nathan, gave him what other name?
(a) Jehoiakim; (b) Josiah; or (c) Jedidiah.
(c) Jedidiah (2 Sam. 12 : 24,25 )
Multiple Choice:

In what city did Absalom declare himself king in rebellion against his father David?

(a) Bethel; (b) Hebron; or (c) Ramah.
(b) Hebron (2 Sam. 15: 7-12 ),

about twenty miles south of Jerusalem. He went there on the pretense
of paying a vow to the Lord.


Donnie said...

Very deep questions. I missed both but wish you and yours a Happy New Year.

Mildred said...

Hi Patsy, May God richly bless you and Bennie in the new year. I look forward to both your blogs each day. Take care.