Tuesday, December 21, 2010

People and Places: Multiple Choice :
What prophet told David not to continue hiding from Saul in the stronghold of Adullam but to go to Judah?
(a) Samuel; (b) Jeremiah ; or (c) Gad.
(c) Gad (1 Sam. 22 :5 ).
Multiple Choice :

Who killed eighty-five priests at Nob at the command of King Saul ?

(a) Dagon; (b) Doeg; or (c)Abijah.
(b) Doeg (Sam. 22 :18 ).

There were a number of Saul's guards present when Doeg committed this horrible act. All the rest refused to obey the king's orders to kill the priests of God.


Donnie said...

Very interesting. I'm reading Psalm's right now and am very interested in David.

misslynda said...

Well - - -when I get one right, it makes me happy. One night, I got both of them!