Friday, December 10, 2010

People : Multiple Choice :
In what city did Saul sin by not waiting for Samuel to offer sacrifice, and thus forfeit God's establishment of his kingdom?
(a) Gilead; (b) Gilgal; or (c) Geba
(b) Gilgal ( Sam. 13:8-14 )
Multiple Choice:
Who was the commander of Saul's army?
(a) Abner; (b) Moab ; or (c) Joab.(a) Abner ( Sam. 14 : 50 ).
He was later murdered by Joab wen David came to power (2 Sam.3:30 ).

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Sue said...

Thanks Patsy, i am 100% today, but they were guessed, didn't know for sure. The account of Saul's life has always fascinated me.