Friday, December 31, 2010

People: Multiple Choice:
What man, who had been David's counselor, became Absalom's counselor in his conspiracy against David?
(a) Ahithophel; (b) Hushai; or (c) Ahimaaz.
(a) Ahithophel ( 2 Sam. 15: 12 ),
who gave the wisest of counsel both to David and then to Absalom.
Multiple Choice :

When David fled Jerusalem before Absalom, he left the two priests and their sons there. One priest was named Zadok. What was the name of the other?

(a) Eleazer; (b) Ahimelech; or (c) Abiathar.

(c) Abiathar (2 Sam. 15: 29 ).
These two men kept David informed of Absalom's plans while David was outside Jerusalem.


Mildred said...

One out of two today. It is 64 here today and it feels so nice to walk around in the sunshine in the yard. I wish you and Bennie a pleasant afternoon/evening and all the best in 2011.

Sue said...

50% today Patsy, Thanks for sharing.
Hugs, Sue

Donnie said...

Almost through Psalms then I have to reread Samuel. I didn't recall either one. Take care and have a wonderful day.