Sunday, March 2, 2014


1. Multiple choice: As Paul  neared Rome, some Christians  heard he was  coming and went out to meet him. Luke mentions two towns  where Christians  joined Paul. One Appii Forum. What was the other? (a) Fair Havens; (b) Three Coins; or (c) Three Inns.

2. In what city was Paul invited to spend seven days with the Christians there as he traveled to Rome? (a) Three Inns; (b) Fair Havens; or (c) Puteoli.

3. In what city were the apostles when they chose a successor  for Judas Iscariot? (a) Antioch; (b) Nazareth; or (c) Jerusalem.

1. (c) Three Inns Acts 28:15).
2.  (c) Puteoli (Acts 28: 13, 14).
3. (c) Jerusalem (Acts 1:12-26).


Blackberry Lane said...

1 out of 3 today.

It is 77 degrees here this afternoon. I talked with Karen in Missouri and they have sleet and single digit temps.

How is your weather today?

Patsy said...

We are getting much ice and cold.