Wednesday, August 8, 2012


1.Multiple choice: How soon after Daniel's revelation that Belshazzar would lose his kingdom to the Medes and Persians was this king slain? (a) Ten years; (b) ten days ;or (c) that same night.

2. Who received  Belshazzar's kingdom after he was killed? (a) Cyrus the Persian; (b) Darius the Mede; or (c) Alexander the Great.

3. Which prophet to Israel prophesied through the same lengthy time span as Isaiah did in Judah?
(a) Hosea; (b) Amos; or (c)Nahum.

1. (c) That same night (Dan.5:13--30).

2.(b) Darius of the Mede (Dan. 5:30,31 ).

3. (a) Hosea ( Hos. 1:1; Is. 1:1) Micah was also a contemporary in Judah who prophesied at times to Israel (Mic. 1:1).

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