Wednesday, August 22, 2012


1. Multiple Choice: About which empire's doom did Nahum prophesy? (a) Egypt's (b) Assyria's ; or (c) Persia's

2. What Egyptian city situated on a river did Nahum say had fallen like Nineveh would? (a) No Amon; (b) Cairo; or (c) Alexandria.

3. What did Nahum say would happen to Nineveh when "the gates of the river are opened"? (a) The king would drown; (b) the fire would go out forever; or (c) the palace would dissolve.

1. (b) Assyria's (Nah. 3:18, 19).
2. (a) No Amon. No Amon is better known in western history as Thebes (Nah. 2:8; 3:8,10).
3. (c) The palace would dissolve (Nah. 2:6).

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