Tuesday, August 21, 2012


1. Multiple Choice: Which two kings of Israel did Micah refer to to represent the evil of the nation? (a) Jehu and Jeroboam; (b) Omri and Ahab; or (c) Ishmael and Ahab.

2.Fill in the blanks:  Micah ended his prophecy with a word of hope which mentioned two patriarchs. "You will give truth to --------  And mercy to -------  ."

3. True or false? Nahum contains vivid descriptions of ancient warfare.

1. (b) Omri and Ahab (Mic. 6:16).

2. "Jacob---Abraham" (Mic. 7:20). The patriarchs represent their offspring, the nation of Israel, in Micah's prediction.

3. True (Nah. 2:1-7; 3:1-4). He described weaponry and uniforms, sounds of battle, terror of noncombatants, and the gore of corpses.

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